Frequently Asked Questions

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How many teachers do you have?2017-09-26T10:13:59+07:00

We have anywhere between 10 and 20 teachers at any one time working with a variety of clients.

Can we have a discount?2015-08-07T11:08:27+07:00

We offer discounts of up to 20% for Five Star Members.

Can we have certificates after learning?2015-08-07T11:07:38+07:00

Yes, we will provide certificates for you to download for Five Star Members. 

How many hours is one course?2015-08-07T11:06:52+07:00

Hospitality in Focus have 2 courses over 40 hours each and each contains 10 hours role-play and practice dialogues. Both other courses are 30 hours each, but have many more levels to be taken at later times.

What’s the difference between Essential Language and Hospitality in Focus?2015-08-07T11:05:46+07:00

Essential Language is simpler, where 15 service procedures are taught over 40 hours. In Hospitality in Focus, the material is covered in more details including grammar, and 5 service procedures are taught over 30 hours.  

Do we have to pay for material?2015-08-07T11:02:19+07:00

We provide material for free for each student in black and white. You can also purchase colour books separately. 

How can you teach beginners who don’t speak English?2015-08-07T11:01:25+07:00

By using material at the correct level (simple material for beginners) as well as pictures for vocabulary and role-plays and plenty of examples.

Do you have native language teachers?2015-08-07T11:00:19+07:00

Yes, all our teachers are native speakers.

Can we have a class of mixed departments?2015-08-07T10:59:06+07:00

Yes you can. Either choose Essential Language general course (for new learners) or English for International Hospitality (For detailed language skills).

Do you do pre-testing and post-testing?2015-08-07T10:58:09+07:00

Yes, all classes include testing to measure improvement. Some hotels require testing before the course to assign the students to the right class if you have more than one level. 

How many students per class?2015-08-07T10:57:30+07:00

We recommend around 10 so that students have enough attention, but up to 15 is possible.

Who do you work with?2017-09-26T10:13:59+07:00

We work with many of the world’s best brands, including Four Seasons, Marriott, Hilton and many more.

Do you teach grammar?2015-07-29T13:15:51+07:00

Yes, but only in Hospitality in Focus and English for International Hospitality.

Can we make our own schedule?2015-07-29T13:15:44+07:00

Yes you can. Either take a whole course and schedule the hours as you like throughout the week, or pay for a fixed number of house per week and schedule the day in the way that’s best for you. (Link to prices)

What course should we take first?2015-07-29T13:15:27+07:00

If you need quick results in the shortest time, or have new learners take Essential Language.

What is Essential Language?2015-08-03T19:38:13+07:00

It’s our first level course. It has versions for 8 departments and gives the basics of language for hospitality using separate procedures in each module, for example Greeting, Seating, Checking In, etc.

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Five Star Language

Five Star Language was started in 2003 to write English training material including text books, and multi-media solutions for the hospitality sector, as well as offer training in language using this material to hotels and resorts.

Language Teaching

First and foremost we are a teaching and training company specialising in teaching English for hospitality to hotels. We have worked over the years with some of the greatest hotel brands, and we have developed our courses over thousands of hours of use, practice and regular updates.