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Eight Departments Covered

Essential language is our starter program, great for beginners and works on the basics of service language with the essential expressions and vocabulary staff need.

Based on functional language for service sequences, this course is designed to run as a series of self-contained modules delivered over 40 hours including testing.

After the course, successful participants will be in a position to follow all common task breakdowns and SOPs used in their work and comfortably and confidently apply a high quality of fluent service English when following these procedures with guests on a day to day basis.

Eight Departments

Two levels (courses) per department, each one 40 hours in length.
We suggest you start with level (course) one, and later at your convenience schedule course two. Each 40 hour course includes pre and post testing.

Short and Direct

10 or 15 procedures (modules) in 40 hours depending on the level.
Departments with lower English proficiency study only 10 modules, e.g. engineering and housekeeping. Front office and F&B study 15 modules in 40 hours.


A conversation task based suite for service English.
Each modules consists of one or more conversations and dialogues between gusts and staff, with a breakdown of key sentences and phrases.

Language Basics

Develops vocabulary, speaking, listening and pronunciation skills.
By practicing the sentences and key vocabulary, before moving onto role playing the conversations, we concentrate on speaking and listening skills.


The modules explain task breakdowns and develop speaking, listening and pronunciation skills, improve confidence and establish an easily understandable framework for staff to use when dealing with guests.


      • Functional language for service sequences
      • Task breakdowns
      • An easily understandable framework for staff to use
      • Ideal for quick results, task related learning and larger groups
      • Food & Beverage, Front Office / Guest Relations, Housekeeping, Spa, Kitchen, Engineering and Bell Counter


What Client’s Say

In five years we have not considered working with anyone else at Four Seasons.
Atchara Tugwan, Four Seasons
The team has delivered English lessons, training videos, SOPs, job descriptions, language testing – everything we could have asked for.
Philippe Lamadieu, Le Meridien
Great experience in hotel training, very knowledgeable and a wide variety of services. Our team have benefited enormously from Five Star Training.
Jean Stephane Grasset, Movenpick