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Our three courses are designed to develop competencies in communication standards and expressions used in daily operations, concentrating on the language needed to provide excellent levels of hospitality service.

Essential Language 4

Essential Language

A task based learning method

Our starter program with courses available for 8 different departments
Hospitality in Focus

Hospitality in focus

Builds on the work of Essential Language

Each 20 hour book contains five chapters, each focusing on an SOP or service sequence.
English for International Hospitality 7

English for International Hospitality

A fluency, guest relationship related course

Each course focuses on one of the TOEIH skills, speaking, reading, writing or listening.

We have worked over 10 years to make three different English courses for hospitality, each with slightly different objectives, as well as the lengths of the courses and the difficulty level.

All three though have one main aim, to improve everyone’s ability to deliver what guests want, all of the time.

Customer-facing staff who are confident and comfortable speaking English can deliver better service therefore increasing guest satisfaction.

Our content always focuses on service as well as language. As we are hoteliers and hospitality professionals ourselves, we understand what Five Star Language should be!

Essential language is our starter program, great for beginners and works on the basics of service language with the essential expressions and vocabulary staff need.

  • A conversation task based suite for service English
  • The expressions, phrases and vocabulary staff need for their job
  • Each chapter based on a procedure (greeting, checking in, ordering, rooming etc.)
  • Short and direct (15 subjects in 40 hours)
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Hospitality in Focus builds on the work of Essential Language allowing service staff to perfect all language skills with in-depth study.

  • A service focused all round language suite for improving language schools and further study
  • Speaking, Listening and Reading with grammar, vocabulary and sample dialogues
  • Each chapter contains flashcards, SOPs, Job descriptions, an example service procedure and a test
  • In depth study (5 subjects in 30 hours)
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International Hospitality is a fluency, guest relationship related course focusing on the skills for the TOEIH testing system.

  • A mixed department course for service English
  • Cross department, based on all guest needs and enquiries
  • Each course focuses on one of the TOEIH skills, speaking, reading, writing or listening
  • Medium to long term study (1 language competency in 30 hours)
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Essential Language Flipbook

Essential Language

The Essential Language suite is a set of eight modular courses split over two levels.

It is designed for all staff to develop competency in the language standards and expressions used in their day to day jobs using language that focuses on procedures, providing superb service in a hospitality environment.

Hospitality in Focus Flipbook

Hospitality in Focus

The Hospitality in Focus suite is a set of four long-term courses for guest service staff to perfect all language skills and service standards necessary for their duties.

It builds on Essential Language and adds more detail including the use of SOPs, product knowledge, more vocabulary and suitable grammar for a five star hospitality operation.

International Hospitality Flipbook

International Hospitality

The English for International Hospitality course is a set of courses separated into the four language competencies of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Rather than focusing on specific procedures, it is aimed at staff who wish to improve their all-round fluency and general hospitality or mixed department language skills as well as prepare for the TOEIH test.


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