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Five Star Language

Five Star Language was started in 2003 to write English service training material including text books, and multi-media solutions for the hospitality sector, as well as offer training in language using this material to hotels and resorts.

Our portfolio consists of three language courses, ‘Essential Language’, ‘Hospitality in Focus’ and ‘English for International Hospitality’,¬† three top quality language courses supplied alongside their own unique text books. All material is used on a case by case basis for individual hotel and hotel brand needs with focus on English service training.

We also collaborate with MEP with English for TOEIH, a standardised internationally recognized testing system.


Our Services

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What We’ve Made!

  • Functional language for service sequences
  • A series of self-contained modules
  • Delivered over 40 hours including testing
  • Task breakdowns
  • Speaking, listening and pronunciation skills
  • An easily understandable framework for staff to use
  • Ideal for quick results, task related learning and larger groups
  • Food & Beverage, Front Office / Guest Relations, Housekeeping, Spa, Kitchen, Engineering and Bell Counter
  • Our longest language course
  • Emphasis on speaking and listening
  • 30 hours, including pre-testing and post-testing
  • Some reading and writing, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Each chapter focusing on greetings, checking in, ordering, rooming etc.
  • Product knowledge, SOPs, JDs and service skills
  • Long term study (5 subjects in 30 hours)
  • Ideal for long term study (more than 6 months)
  • A continuation for students who took the Essential Language course
  • Food & Beverage, Front Office / Guest Relations, Housekeeping, Spa
  • Provides a simple course
  • Evaluation and reporting system
  • Compare English competency levels across departments
  • All levels of staff from all departments
  • From elementary level up
  • Evaluates both language and service skills
  • Topics from the Test of English for International Hospitality
  • Including vocabulary, requests and giving recommendations
  • English language testing system
  • Available online specifically for hospitality
  • Used to evaluate all staff from beginners to advanced
  • Compare their standards, set goals for learning courses
  • And much much more!

What Clients Say

In five years we have not considered working with anyone else at Four Seasons.
Atchara Tugwan, Four Seasons
Thank you so much for your effort here at Centara Grand Hua Hin, we have had excellent results in such a short time the proof is in the mystery guest scores.
Jacques Murray, Sofitel, Centara
More than just English teachers, they helped us with SOPs, skills training and language standards.
Willy Optekamp, Emirates Palace
The team has delivered English lessons, training videos, SOPs, job descriptions, language testing – everything we could have asked for.
Philippe Lamadieu , Le Meridien
The English training program has been very high quality and the company are extremely reliable and easy to work with.
Robert Hill, Santiburi, Sheraton
I would like to recommend this team and trainer to anyone who wanted language teaching. Their performance and program has been extremely professional and helpful at all times.
Andre Kretschmann, Shangri La, Chedi
One of the best companies I have worked with in 15 years in SE Asia. They got amazing results with my staff at Orient Express.
Jeremie de Fombelle, Orient Express
Working with us at Six Senses since the opening, they have always delivered excellent results with a great knowledge of hospitality and hotels.
Eric Hallin, Six Senses

Why Choose Us

  • 15 years of experience
  • We have a passion for what we do
  • Dual background in teaching and hotels
  • An impressive client list and references
  • Experience in many countries
  • Proven track record with long term clients
  • Relationships with the best brands in the world
  • A strong background in SE Asia
  • Local offices around the area
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